Why Almost Heaven Saunas

The sauna room we build delivers a true sauna experience, as well as a room that is beautiful and distinct in every detail. Additionally, because of the cooperage design, red cedar lumber, and stainless accents and hardware, all of our models are equally effective indoors or out.  You simply will not find a better built, more effective sauna than one built by Almost Heaven!

I encourage you to review our extensive information, browse through our online showroom, and learn why the purchase of an Almost Heaven Sauna is an investment in a healthy lifestyle utilizing the best-built room on the market today. If you have any specific questions about Almost Heaven or any of our other fine products, give us a call or send me an email at sales@almostheaven.com. I would love to hear from you and discuss how Almost Heaven Saunas can provide the perfect sauna experience for you!

Meet Rick Mouw, President of Almost Heaven Saunas

Quality Through Craftsmanship

Almost Heaven Saunas are designed to deliver the authentic and traditional sauna experience. By combining the best in materials and equipment with handcrafted construction, Almost Heaven Saunas create an outstanding sauna experience.

How a sauna performs is dependent on the design and the quality of the materials being used. Almost Heaven Saunas goes to great lengths to design and build saunas using materials that will best enhance the traditional sauna experience.

Efficiency By Design 

The barrel design of an Almost Heaven Sauna provides exceptional air circulation. The heat from the sauna rocks rises and forces the heat at the top of the sauna back down the walls, allowing a barrel sauna to heat faster than square sauna designs. Our saunas are made from Western Canadian red cedar, the ideal lumber for saunas and the preferred lumber for sauna enthusiasts. In addition to being naturally resistant to moisture, red cedar is extremely soft, making it a great insulator. Aromatic red cedar has exceptional grain and coloring, making Almost Heaven Saunas beautiful home accents.

Efficient Barrel Design