Efficient Barrel Design

Eight Reasons A Barrel Sauna is the Best Sauna Design

1. A barrel sauna heats faster
A heater will heat the entire room, no matter the shape. With less unused space (imagine a circle inside a square), the barrel design lets the heater do its job faster and more efficiently. You get just as much usable space, but none of the excess.

2. The circular design distributes heat evenly within the saunaHeat rises, so the top of the sauna naturally wants to be hotter than the lower parts of the room. In a square sauna, the heat gets trapped at the ceiling. In a barrel sauna, the heat is pushed back down the curved sides and into the sauna as new heat rises from the heater. This creates a constant flow of heat evenly distributed throughout the room.

3. A barrel sauna is extremely efficient
Because there is less unused airspace to heat, less energy is required to heat the room. The thick staves are excellent insulators, and the exterior of the sauna will remain cool to the touch. Most likely, you won’t notice a difference on your utility bill, even with regular use of the sauna.

4. The ball-and-socket profiles let the wood move with the temperature
For an ideal sauna experience, the wood needs to be able to expand and contract with the high temperatures. Excessive use of nails and other fasteners can result in split wood. The ball-and-socket assembly of a barrel sauna lets the wood expand and contract within the steel bands, creating a tight seal that won’t shatter.

5. The solid cooperage design creates strong structural integrity
Built with solid wood staves, the structural integrity of a barrel sauna withstands even the harshest outdoor environment. The notched staves create a tight, secure fit that will last a lifetime without the excessive use of fasteners. Conversely, a sauna with dual-wall construction expands and contracts at different rates, reducing structural integrity over time.

6. The outdoor design requires no maintenance
Barrel saunas naturally shed water and, due to their structural integrity, can handle a substantial snow load. The polymer support cradles let you put the barrel on any flat surface, and the Western Canadian red cedar is naturally resistant to water and insects. The result: virtually no ongoing maintenance.

7. The radius walls and built-in back support create comfortable seating options
Sit opposite another sauna bather with your back nicely cradled in the curvature of the sauna wall with enough room for your neck to remain straight. Recline on the bench and lean against the flat wall with a back support if desired. No matter how you sit, red cedar remains cool and is comfortable and soft on your skin.

8. A barrel sauna adds beauty to the backyard setting
Specifically designed for outdoor use, a barrel sauna is a beautiful backdrop in your landscaping. You can place the sauna anywhere and enhance the setting with vegetation, landscaping and even vines growing over the sauna.