Exceptional Quality Saunas

Delight the Senses

delight your sensesAt Almost Heaven Saunas, we believe that a true sauna experience must delight all of the senses.  To look at the hand-crafted construction and exceptional styling of an Almost Heaven Sauna is a sight to behold.  The soft Red Cedar is gentle to the touch and very gentle on your skin.  The sweet red cedar emits a subtle and delightful scent to your sense of smell.  To hear the sound of the water sizzling on the rocks is both soothing and relaxing to your spirit.  And finally, you can literally taste the moist steam that fills the air and engulfs the room after sprinkling water on the hot stones.  Of all the health and relaxation products on the market today, only an Almost Heaven Sauna simultaneously delights all of the senses at one time.


exceptional quality saunasAlmost Heaven is one of the oldest and most respected sauna manufacturers in the world today.  Founded nearly forthy years ago, our products are still manufactured by hand at our mountain-based factory in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia.  Each board is personally inspected, each profile hand-milled, and every component individually assembled for an exceptionally high-quality sauna room. Almost Heaven Saunas are built in the Finnish tradition.  People the world over have enjoyed the benefits of a sauna manufactured by Almost Heaven.


exceptional quality saunasAlmost Heaven Saunas are built to deliver an extremely effective and efficient relaxation experience.  Since our room designs minimize square corners, there is less cubic feet of interior air space to heat.  That means the room will heat faster than comparable square units without compromising on usable space and seating comfort.  Additionally, our benches are positioned to provide the optimum balance of comfort and performance, allowing you to experience your sauna bath in your choice of sitting or reclining positions.  Each model is properly vented, allowing a user-controlled flow of fresh air through the room at all times.


exceptional quality saunasOur employees are trained and experienced artisans who understand the characteristics of lumber.  Some have been with the company for over twenty years and each has a thorough understanding of what makes for a quality product.  We are pleased to produce one of the few saunas still manufactured in the United States, and we are proud to build the highest quality rooms on the market today.  The walls, floors and ceilings of Almost Heaven Saunas are all built from thick and solid, clear Red Cedar timbers, not laminated sections of low-grade wood with hollow walls like many saunas on the market today.  Each sauna is hand-built according to exacting standards and will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment.


exceptional quality saunas 4The hand-crafted quality of the Almost Heaven Sauna is evident upon close inspection of the construction technique.  Almost Heaven rooms are built in the traditional “cooperage” design, meaning that they are constructed in the same manner as a genuine wine vat or water-tight barrel. The stave has a croze cut on each end that allows the applicable floor, ceiling or wall section to fit tightly within the precisely cut notch.  The perimeter is then drawn together tightly with stainless steel bands, forming a tight and secure seal that tightens further as the wood swells over time.  It is a time-tested and proven construction method that can only be achieved using precise equipment and with meticulous attention to detail.

Materials Selection

Saunas need to be constructed of soft wood, and the lumber of choice is Western Canadian Red Cedar.  Red Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and as such is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications.  In addition, unlike pine, Red Cedar does not secrete sap and will not warp.  Our lumber is harvested from select trees grown in sustainable forests, and each board is hand-profiled into beautiful staves that are the essence of the Almost Heaven room.  Furthermore, each of the components in an Almost Heaven Sauna contributes to the quality of the product.  All of the hardware, from the self-closing door hinges to the steel bands, is of high-grade stainless steel.  Finally, the glass door is both tinted and tempered for your comfort and safety.  From the largest piece of lumber to the smallest fastener, every component of an Almost Heaven Sauna meets exacting quality specifications.


If you look closely at an Almost Heaven Sauna, you will see minimal fasteners, and the ones you do see are subtly countersunk into the wood.  Additionally, there are no fasteners anywhere in the room that can become hot and touch your skin.  The only thing that will touch your body is the beautifully fitted red cedar that surrounds you from top to bottom.


Almost Heaven Saunas offers a variety of heater options to meet your individual needs.  We have electric heaters from 4.5kw to 9kw and each model is fitted with the appropriately sized heater that has both temperature control and a shut-off timer.  We also have a wood-burning heater option for certain models and sizes.  However you choose to outfit your room, Almost Heaven Saunas can meet your needs with a quality built heater.

Indoors and Outdoors

One of the benefits of Western Canadian Red Cedar is that it is an ideal lumber for outdoor applications.  The Red Cedar lumber combined with the stainless steel hardware makes an Almost Heaven Sauna ideal for indoor or outdoor use.  Rest assured that wherever you place your Almost Heaven Sauna, you will experience many years of enjoyment!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Only Almost Heaven Saunas offers you a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the construction of the room.  It is only proper that the best sauna in the world should have the best warranty to back it up.  Purchase your Almost Heaven Sauna knowing that it will provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family.  A copy of the full limited warranty can be found in the installation manual of the Almost Heaven Sauna.  Heaters are warranted according to the terms of their respective manufacturer.