Blue Ridge Sauna

4 Persons

The Blue Ridge sauna is manufactured from the same sold Western Canadian Red Cedar lumber as our Barrel saunas, but in a more traditional sauna design. The Blue Ridge incorporates multi-level benches and removable floor sections

bridgeport sauna with model almost heaven saunas

Bridgeport Sauna

6 Persons

The Bridgeport Sauna is the longest in the series of indoor saunas by Almost Heaven Saunas. The stylish Bridgeport features a long upper bench for lying down, and two lower benches for seating. Ample glass on the front wall creates a spacious feeling within the sauna, and the Bridgeport can seat up to 6 people. Built from thick, high-grade Canadian hemlock and western red cedar, the Bridgeport can be assembled by two people in just a few hours.

grayson sauna with model almost heaven saunas

Grayson Sauna

4 Persons

The addition of the Grayson Sauna by Almost Heaven Saunas is an attractive and healthy addition to your home. Temperature in the sauna can exceed 185°F, providing an exceptional dry-sauna experience. A session in your Grayson Sauna improves skin tone, enhances your respiratory system, soothes sore joints and detoxifies your entire body, all while giving you a cardio workout and burning up to 300 calories.

madison sauna with model almost heaven saunas

Madison Sauna

2-3 Persons

The compact size of the Madison 2-3-person indoor steam sauna makes it the ideal sauna when space is at a premium. You can place the sauna on any tile or ceramic surface, and since all wall, ceiling and bench sections are manufactured at the factory, assembly in the home is simple and can be done in just a few hours. Temperatures of over 185°F can be reached in as little as 30 minutes, and you can sprinkle water on the hot rocks for a burst of invigorating steam.


Barrel Sauna

2-6 Persons

Our original Barrel Sauna has been manufactured in the USA for nearly 40 years! All Almost Heaven Saunas are manufactured with thick, solid Western Canadian Red Cedar lumber for the ultimate authentic sauna experience.


Canopy Barrel Sauna

2-6 Persons

Pushing the front wall back just a bit allows for two benches that can be used for cool-down seats or to set towels or drinks. The canopy porch creates a beautiful visual accent to enhance any backyard or garden!


Grandview Barrel Sauna

6 & 8 Persons

The Grandview is our largest and most deluxe Barrel Sauna, measuring a full 7’ in diameter and available in standard or canopy versions. The large interior space allows for standard duckboard flooring sections and contoured backrests.