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Differences Between Infrared & Traditional Saunas

We explain the differences between infrared and traditional saunas in the web site, but I want to add some personal thoughts on infrared.

Let me start by saying that I am a traditional sauna advocate, so I am admittedly biased. Almost Heaven Saunas manufactures the traditional dry/wet sauna because we feel they are the best, plain and simple. We offer infrared sauna kits – which are not saunas at all, but rather therapy rooms – because some customers insist on them. That is fine, and the infrared “saunas” we offer are of a very good quality, and for some people the infrared experience is exactly the right thing; a targeted heat therapy at a lower temperature. Some people do not like or can not tolerate hot temperatures, and for them the infrared may be the best solution.

However, in my experience, most people inquiring about infrared saunas think they are asking about the real thing, which is why the most common question I receive from infrared owners of all brands of infrareds is, “why won’t it get hotter?” Much of the infrared health information you find on the web is not true and has simply been copied from the traditional sauna story. Most of the claimed health benefits from infrared – such as aerobic benefits, weight lost, increased circulation, etc. – are the direct results of higher temperatures. Yet if the temperatue is low in an infrared room, how are these effects as beneficial as in a traditional sauna which gets much hotter? The answer? They are not.

The benefits of infrared have to do with sore joints and muscles and low-temperature therapy for those who can not tolerate high temperatures. Those looking for all of the health benefits resulting from increased body temperature are best suited considering a traditional, real sauna, and the best sauna available is an Almost Heaven Sauna, plain and simple.

December 31, 2009 •