Increased Popularity of Saunas

We’re seeing a nice, steady increase in the interest of genuine wet/dry saunas.  Almost Heaven Saunas Why is that?  We would like to think that part of the reason is that only Almost Heaven Saunas embody the solid wood construction of the original, Finnish saunas, combining the sauna design with quality in materials and craftsmanship that is simply unmatched in the industry.  In addition to the product itself, however, there is an obvious shift in desires and buying habits of those looking for home relaxation and entertainment.  The combintation of low operational costs and zero maintance for a  sauna is a powerful alternative to a spa or pool which delivers the opposite; high operational costs and ongoing maintenance.  Buyers want to reduce costs and help the environment, but they still want to add amenities to their home.  Add to this the fact that a true wet/dry sauna provies many physical benefits that can continually contribute to healthy living.  Health Benefits Quite simply, there are no down-sides to owning an Almost Heaven Sauna!

January 11, 2010 •