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Glass Door Advantage

Almost Heaven Saunas is one of the few manufacturers to put a glass door on outdoor saunas.  While we do have an optional Wood Door , there are some nice advantages to our standard glass door.  First of all, the glass door is both tinted and tempered, providing both privacy and safety.  Second, the glass door provides a more open feel to the sauna room.  Some people can feel a bit claustrophobic in a sauna room environment, and the glass door allows for natural light to enter the sauna and alleviate these concerns.  Of course, our wood door has a small window as well, providing a very nice and stylish alternative to the glass door.  Almost Heaven Saunas are built with the sauna bather in mind, and you can choose your specific options and styles to meet your individual tastes!  We are also able to customize saunas to your specific needs, so whether you need a certain size or design, rest assured that we can design a sauna for your specific application.

January 16, 2010 •