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Let it Snow!

Early morning after a fresh snowfall

The Barrel Sauna design is perfect for outdoor usage as is demonstrated in this charming picture of the Canopy Barrrel after a fresh snowfall.  The round shape of the Barrel allows water and snow to run off, and the construction of the Barrel enables it to support heavy snow loads.

The design applications for an outdoor setting are limitless, and since the Barrel can sit on any firm and level surface, site preparation requirements are minimal.  Almost Heaven Saunas have been set in patio settings, as is shown here, set into the side of embankments, and been nearly covered with vines and vegetation.  The cooperage construction of Almost Heaven Saunas provides the structural integrity for any setting, and the western Canadian red cedar is naturally resistant to the elements, rot and insect infestation.  Being able to design your perfect sauna setting around the world’s best sauna is an exciting prospect!

January 7, 2010 •