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What is “Cooperage”

We promote Almost Heaven Saunas as being built in the “cooperage” tradition, but what exactly does “cooperage” mean?  Dictionary.com defines “cooperage” as “large, bulging cylindrical container of sturdy construction traditionally made from wooden staves and wooden or metal hoops.”  While Cooperage Construction is generally associated with the building of whiskey barrels or pickle vats, the process is the same as with Almost Heaven  Saunas.  Our saunas are built in the cooperage tradition, meaning that they are build of wooden staves that are drawn tightly together with metal hoops.  In the case of Almost Heaven Saunas, we use solid red cedar staves and highly polished stainless steel hoops, and while the finished product is a high-quality, furniture-grade barrel, the process is the same.  There is much more in the way of craftsmanship that goes into the building of an Almost Heaven Sauna, but we’ll leave that discussion to another blog entry!  Suffice it to say that no other manufacturer in the industry builds true, cooperage-style saunas with the level of precision and detail as does Almost Heaven Saunas!

January 14, 2010 •