When is Sauna Season?

We’re often asked when the best time is to purchase and use an Almost Heaven Sauna.  The answer?  RIGHT NOW! Seriously, there is no “season” for sauna use as some incorrectly assume.  The use of sauna is not about getting warm in cold weather, but rather experiencing a healthy sauna session at any time and during any season.  This is why we sell saunas the world over and during all seasons of the year.  Here in the U.S. we sell saunas regularly to customers in the hottest parts of the country.  Texas, Florida, Arizona and Southern California are all regular markets for us, underscoring the desire to own and use our quality products at all times.  Looking for an excuse to buy an Almost Heaven Sauna?  The excuse does not lie in the time of year or geographic location, but rather in wanting to experience the healthy living and relaxation aspects of an Almost Heaven Sauna at any time!

January 28, 2010 •