Cedar Sauna

I frequently get questions as to what the differences are in saunas and, in particular, the types of sauna woods used.  My answer is that only red cedar provides the wood necessary to create the best sauna experience.  Why is cedar the best sauna wood?  First, let’s clarify; it is western Canadian red cedar that is the BEST wood for sauna kits, not any cedar!  White cedar and lower grade red cedar have knots which are both unsightly and will become hot to the touch.  Furthermore, only red cedar has the sweet smell that makes taking a steam sauna such a delight.  Finally, western Canadian red cedar is soft and smooth to the touch, further enhancing the sauna experience.  We bring this up because there are any number of saunas – particularly barrel saunas – on the market today and MOST do not use the wood of choice.  This is evident in the look, design and price of the sauna.  Don’t be fooled into getting a lower grade wood on such an investment in your health and enjoyment; purchase an Almost Heaven Sauna and enjoy the natural beauty and benefits of western Canadian red cedar!

February 14, 2010 •