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Saunas and the Health Care Bill

If anyone has actually read the entire health care bill, we would be interested in knowing if the purchase of a sauna is covered.  If this thing is truly 2000 plus pages long, then I would hope there would be at least some indirect mention of the health benefits of saunas!  Weight loss, cardio conditioning, increased blood flow and more are all health benefits when using a traditional sauna.  Plus, when purchasing an Almost Heaven Sauna, you are helping a U.S. manufacturing company!  This double-dip benefit for personal health and the general economy should make the purchase of a Barrel SaunaModern Sauna or Silo Sauna a priority for every U.S. citizen!  Call us at 888-355-3050 to learn more about our exciting line-up of U.S. manufactured quality home saunas!

March 28, 2010 •