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Infrared “Saunas”

Ok, so you may be wondering why the ” ” qualification.  The truth is, infrared “saunas” are not saunas at all.  I know I have mentioned this in the past, but the fact justifies repeating; infrared rooms are not saunas.  Saunas require high temperatures and the use of water to create steam, neither of which is applicable in the use of infrared rooms.  An infrared room may be effective for sore joints or muscles, but the overall effects of weight loss, calorie burn, detox, etc. are most effective in a genuine sauna.  And, of course, the best sauna on the market today is the Almost Heaven Sauna line with more than 30 years of history behind it.  Of course, if you desire an infrared room we have a terrific selection in our Solaris brand, which will give you all of the benefits of infrared in a high quality unit!  Call Almost Heaven Saunas at 888.355.3050 for more information!  In addition to the best Traditional Saunas built, we have the best infrared therapy rooms as well!

March 1, 2010 •