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Caring For Western Canadian Red Cedar

With spring upon us, people are beginning to spruce up their backyards and get their outdoor living environments ready for the season.  Sauna owners also use this time to ready their sauna for the new year, and that includes the owners of Almost Heaven Saunas.  If you are the owner of an Almost Heaven Sauna, there are ways to freshen up your sauna so it looks brand new.  The western Canadian red cedar is resistent to the elements, and a simple pressure washing of the sauna will bring back the original color of the wood if it has been left to weather naturally.  Use a low pressure, wide-spray pattern to clean the dirt out of the wood.  When the wood drys you will again see the rich, original color of the wood!  At this point you can treat the wood with any outdoor stain or sealant, or you can let the sauna weather normally and again pressure wash it at a later date.  The naturally weather resistent red cedar gives you plenty of aesthetic options to suit your decorative tastes!

March 15, 2010 •