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Replacement Components

Having over thirty years worth of Almost Heaven Saunas in the field, we get our share of requests for replacement components and parts.  We often sell accessories as after-market items, but we also sell entire sauna components for any of our sauna models.  For example, we just received a request from someone who needed two new end sections for a Barrel Sauna; apparently when transporting the disassembled sauna, the box containing the original ends was lost or damaged.  Another example is people who move their saunas, either to a different location at their home, or to a new home altogether.  We often sell replacement stave boards or wall sections to people who have damaged existing boards or simply wish to spruce up the look of the sauna.  On ocassion we have customers who break their glass doors or simply wish to switch to a wooden door. 

Whatever the component and whatever the reason, Almost Heaven Saunas is happy to provide replacement parts for our saunas regardless of when they were purchased!  Call 888.355.3050 if you have questions regarding replacement parts!

March 8, 2010 •