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Sauna Venting

As seasoned sauna bathers know, a sauna needs to have proper air flow when using the sauna.  This is both for the flow of fresh air into the sauna and to facilitate movement of the air within the sauna. 

A properly vented sauna will have a vent below the heater on one end of the sauna, and then another vent high in the sauna on the opposite wall.  The rising heat will escape from the top vent and be replaced with fresh air that was drawn into the sauna from the lower vent.  The constant flow of air keeps fresh air coming in while allowing the heater to maintain the overall temperature of the room.

Almost Heaven Saunas further enhance the venting process by having an extra large vent on the top that can be adjusted to restrict the air movement to the user’s desire.  During heat-up, for example, the vent can be fully closed to allow the sauna to heat faster, and then opened when the sauna is being used.  Additionally, a louvered vent cover is placed on the lower vent preventing insects and rodents from entering the sauna if it is located outdoors.  The attention to construction quality and function extends to the smallest details in each Almost Heaven Sauna!

March 31, 2010 •