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Sauna vs. Beach

You may have read in our website that sauna use enhances the color 0f your skin.  Will it substitute for a  sun tan?  The answer is, no, it will not.  However, it is true that your skin will have more color to it when you use your sauna regularly, according to some users.  The high temperatures in a traditional sauna increase the circulation in your body by causing your heart to beat faster and pump more blood.  The expanding blood vessels and increased blood flow bring color to your skin, in the same way as a good workout.  When using my own sauna several times per week, I retain an added amount of color that has caused some people to ask if I have been tanning!  So, while using your sauna is not the same as going to the beach, it may be the next best thing, with health benefits as well!

March 11, 2010 •