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Super-Sized Saunas

We often get requests for custom-built Almost Heaven Saunas.  These requests can take the shape of specially sized rooms and features, or simply modified versions of our current saunas.  Some of our current standard models were originally built as custom saunas, so we welcome the opportunity to try new things as it often leads to new product developments across the product line.  For example, our popular Canopy Barrel was originally built as a custom unit for an overseas customer and has since been made part of our standard offering.

We are currently producing another custom unit, and while it is too soon to say if this will become standard, it gives an idea of what we can do.  A customer saw our new Ellipse Sauna and placed an order for an extended version of this deluxe unit.  This super-size sauna is 12′ long, incorporating a canopy porch, changing room and sauna room.  The added height and width of the Ellipse provides the space to add a changing room, and this deluxe sauna will be installed at the customer’s in a few weeks.

While we don’t currently have pictures of the finished unit, we will post them as soon as we do.  Until then know that there is no sauna project to large or difficult for us to tackle!  We welcome the challenge of building a custom sauna, and in the process may use the design to expand our line in the future!

March 25, 2010 •