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The Sauna Bath

I was recently asked about the “proper” way to use an Almost Heaven Sauna.  While there are various techniques used and recommended by sauna bathers throughout the world, there is no hard and fast rule.  Variables such as temperature, desired outcome and time available all play a role in how you use a sauna.  Some like their saunas extremely hot, while others like a lower temperature; some like the dry sauna experience, others like the steam filling the air.  And, of course, if you only have twenty minutes after a workout available for your sauna, a full one-hour regimine won’t work for you.

Some sauna purists may chastise me, but my routine is as follows.  I turn on the sauna when I head out for my workout, and an hour later it is up to 180F, which is my preferred temperature.  I sit in the dry sauna (no water on the rocks) for about 15 minutes.  Sometimes I’ll read a magazine, but most often I’ll close my eyes and just sit and enjoy the heat.  I’ll then step outside for a brief break (1-2 minutes) and then I’ll step back into the sauna and begin sprinkling water on the rocks.  The steam makes the sauna feel extra hot, and I’ll enjoy my wet sauna for another 10-15 minutes.  I spend a total of 25-30 minutes in my sauna, and then another 5 minutes afterwards cooling down before my shower.

For the rest of the day I feel cleansed, rejuvinated and relaxed, all at the same time!  A session in an Almost Heaven Sauna is definately a healthy addition to my lifestyle!

March 5, 2010 •