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12 Years Running!

The following is a question we received from a customer who has had their Almost Heaven Sauna for twelve years.  We thought some of our other customers may benefit from reading our response.

“Have had our barrel sauna for over 12 years. What type of products should I use to reseal the outside of the Barrel?”

To recondition the exterior of your sauna, you should first pressure wash your sauna to remove all of the dirt that has accumulated over the years.  Be sure to do so with a wide pattern spray on the pressure washer and take care not to damage the wood with too much pressure.  You may want to spray the seats and floor on the interior of the sauna as well, removing sweat stains and dirt that has built up.

Once the sauna has dried, you should use a UV resistant exterior stain and treat only the outside of the sauna.  A transparent stain will allow the natural color and grain of the wood to show through, and you may want to test a small section on the back or underside of the sauna first to be sure you like the color.  The same type of stain that is used on the outside of your home or deck would work, and you can check with your local paint professional for a suitable product. 

Apply the stain with a standard brush or foam brush and allow the stain to penetrate the grooves in the sauna, wiping away the excess stain with a rag.  The end result will freshen up your sauna wood and launch you on the next 12 years of enjoyment in your Almost Heaven Sauna!

April 26, 2010 •