Infrared: Fad or Fiction?

In the past few days I have received numerous questions and comments regarding  infrared saunas.  Among these have been the following from consumer inquires along with my paraphrased answers.

Q: “I am interested in purchasing a used infrared sauna, but I am wondering if I can get parts.”

A: Probably not.  Most infrared rooms come from China, and there are dozens of manufacturers, suppliers and component makers.  The quality of components varies widely and the suppliers are constantly changing specifications, and retrofit components usually don’t match up.  In most cases, if you buy an infrared therapy room, plan to keep it a couple of years and then tossing it if it breaks down.

Q: “There is such a range of prices on the internet for infrared.  How do I know what is legitimate?”

A: You don’t.  Your best bet is to buy from a brick and mortar store that has a history of purchasing infrared therapy rooms and can provide you with hands on service.  Experience and longevity are the best insurance, and buying on line is a crap shoot when it comes to most infrared rooms.

Q: “It seems like infrared has been a bit of a fad and that the traditional sauna is becoming more popular.”

A: Absolutely true.  People are realizing that the advertised benefits of infrared are largely absent and apply only to the high temperature heat delivered by a traditional wet/dry sauna.

Q: “My doctor recommended the high temperatures of infrared for detoxification, but as I understand it they don’t get hot.  So, how can that be beneficial?”

A: We do not provide medical advice and would never counter your doctor’s advice.  In our experience, however, many people including physicians are not familiar with the basic differences in terminology concerning infrared, sauna, wet/dry, steam, etc.  If you want a low-heat experience, infrared may be applicable, but if it is heat you are after, you definately want a traditional sauna.  Also, remember that a traditional sauna can be operated at low temperatures as well.

These are just a few of the questions I get on an ongoing basis concerning infrared therapy rooms, and as you can see, people are often confused or even misled.  The bottom line is that most of the benefits people attribute to saunas are only evident in a traditional wet/dry sauna, and that is because these benefits are the result of high temperatures. 

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May 5, 2010 •