Best Barrel Saunas

Almost Heaven Saunas produces the best Barrel Saunas and Barrel Sauna Kits  in the world, right here in the United States!  There are many reasons we make this claim.  To start with, longevity requires experience, and experience creates expertise.  Almost Heaven Saunas has been building quality and superior cooperage saunas for over thirty years; not many manufacturers of ANY products can say that, let alone sauna manufacturers.

Exquisite Canopy Barrel Sauna

Additionally, Almost Heaven Saunas uses the best materials available, making our saunas of exceptional quality. Compare the quality of other sauna manufacturers and you will notice the clear, rich color of the high-grade Western Canadian Red Cedar used in every Almost Heaven Sauna.  We also use only high-grade stainless steel in all of our hardware and accents, and each sauna is hand-built by experienced craftsman.

Our genuine Finnish Sauna Heaters are properly sized to the specific sauna room to create the perfect genuine steam sauna experience.  We also offer a full range of accessories to compliment and enhance your sauna experience.

Almost Heaven Saunas offer the true and traditional steam sauna experience in a wide variety of Barrel Sauna designs and styles.  Enjoy the thousands of people worldwide who enjoy the best quality Barrel Sauna in the world; Almost Heaven Saunas!

July 11, 2010 •