Sauna Cardio Workout

A sauna as a cardio workout?  Absolutely!  Cardio involves working the heart muscle, and anyone who has used a traditional sauna knows how aerobic the experience can be.  A traditional steam sauna (also called a wet sauna and a dry sauna) causes your heart to beat faster due to the high temperatures.  Many people compare the experience to an aggressive workout complete with endorphin release as the end result.

Don’t compare an infrared therapy room to a true sauna.  The infrared room is not a sauna at all and is not intended to get hot.  Only high temperatures can deliver the cardio workout found in a steam sauna, and only Almost Heaven Saunas offers the highest quality, superior cooperage style steam sauna on the market today!  Contact Almost Heaven Saunas for more information on the exciting line of Barrel Saunas that are manufactured in the United States! 888-355-3050.

July 8, 2010 •