Web Site Changes

Almost Heaven Saunas is making some enhancements to our web site.  These changes have begun and will phase in over the coming weeks.  The changes will improve both the navigation and the information you can obtain on the site, and these improvements were the result of input we have received from our customers.

You will notice that the photo galleries are now better organized, allowing you to see thumbnails of all the pictures in one screen.  You can then click on the image and see a blow-up of that particular picture.  We have now completed the Barrel Sauna page as well as the Silo Sauna page, and the changes will apply to all of our sauna models.

Almost Heaven Saunas is the U.S. manufacturer of the highest quality saunas in the world.  We are pleased to offer genuine steam saunas that contribute to healthy living.  Call us today at 888-355-3050 and learn more about our exceptional cooperage style saunas!

July 10, 2010 •