Wood-Burning Options

While winter is still a ways off, some wanting to purchase of an Almost Heaven Sauna may want to consider a wood-burning sauna stove.  The Wood Burning Stove is a nice option for those wanting a truly natural and traditional sauna experience.  Plus, nothing is more charming than a Barrel Sauna with smoke coming out of the chimney with snow falling all around!

Interior of Barrel Sauna with Wood Burning Stove

The wood-burning feature substitutes a wood stove specially designed for sauna use in place of the standard electric unit.  It allows the sauna to be used in places where there is not access to electric, such as a remote vacation cabin or in situations where the sauna is placed far from the house. 

The wood-burning stove heats in less than an hour, and you can still sprinkle water on the rocks as the rock tray is separated from the fire box.  For more information on the wood-burning heater option, give us a call at 888-355-3050!  Almost Heaven Saunas offer the best and most traditional barrel saunas on the market today!

(Note: For photography purposes the photo at the left does not show the chimney extending from the Barrel Sauna.)

July 22, 2010 •