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Beautiful Sauna Installation

We have just received a picture of an Almost Heaven Saunas 4-person Modern Home Sauna that was recently purchased and installed by a customer.  This sauna is installed outdoors under a deck, and you can see that they have installed the optional roof cap that is barely visible. 

4-Person Modern Home Sauna

The Modern Sauna has a full red cedar floor and ceiling as well as multi-level benches.  Multi-level seating enables you to move higher into the sauna where it is hotter, or stay lower where it is a bit cooler.  Like all Almost Heaven Saunas, the Modern Home Sauna is built in the cooperage, or barrel-making tradition.  Each sauna is hand-crafted and is built using high-quality materials and components. 

Almost Heaven Saunas is the premier builder of cooperage style barrel saunas.  We have been building exceptional saunas for over thirty years and are known world-wide for quality and craftsmanship.  Contact 888-355-3050 for more details!

August 22, 2010 •