Why Partial Assembly?

Some Barrel Sauna manufacturers ship their saunas fully assembled.  While this may sound like an advantage, there are risks.  In addition to the difficulty in placing a fully assembled sauna without damage to the sauna or property, there are significant structural issues that can compromise the integrity of the sauna. 

High Quality Cooperage Construction

A true Barrel Sauna is constructed in the cooperage, or barrel making, tradition.  This means that the staves are drawn together with the bands that surround the sauna with minimal or zero usage of nails or other fasteners.  The problem with shipping an assembled cooperage sauna is that the handling in shipment will cause the staves to shift and separage, creating gaps and compromising the structural integrity of the sauna.

Almost Heaven Saunas come to you partially assembled.  The Barrel Sauna ends and benches are all pre-assembled, and all of the staves are pre-cut so that everything fits precisely the way it is supposed to.  You can construct our Barrel Saunas on site in 2-3 hours and be confident of a secure and properly assembled sauna.  The hand-crafted quality of Almost Heaven Saunas is without equal, and we delivery an authentic and exceptional sauna to you that will last a lifetime!

September 16, 2010 •