Sauna Season is Here!

Pool-Side Barrel Sauna

The Sauna Season is heating up, pun intended!  We are heading into our busy time of year and wow, it is shaping up to be a busy one.  Why?  First, Almost Heaven Saunas are designed for outdoor use, and as such become features of backyard improvement projects.  Since spring is the time for backyard “spruce-up,” people buy Barrel Saunas in large numbers in the spring!

Second, Almost Heaven  is known for hand-crafted U.S-made quality, and as such we are generally the “go to” source for the discriminating buyer.  So, if you are considering the purchase of an Almost Heaven Sauna, be patient after you place your order.  We will do all we can to expedite the production of your hand-built sauna at this busy time of year!  The good news is, it’s worth the wait!

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To assist in your understanding, you may be interested in reviewing the following terms:

Sauna: According to the dictionary, a sauna is “A bath that uses dry heat to induce perspiration, and in which steam is produced by pouring water on heated stones.”  The true experience involves hot rocks, water and steam, which is what you will experience in an Almost Heaven Barrel.

Wet vs. Dry: People often ask if we produce dry or wet rooms, and the answer is both, as they are one and the same thing.  When you enter the hot room, it is considered a dry sauna because there is very little humidity in the air.  When you pour water on rocks, steam is generated that quickly engulfs the room.  The sudden increase in the level of humidity makes it a wet sauna.  In other words, wet vs. dry is a measure of whether or not there is humidity in the room.

Steam Room: Saunas and steam rooms are often confused as being the same thing, but they are quite different.  A steam room actually has hot mist that is created by a steam generator and sprayed through nozzles located throughout the room.  The room is tiled and is often used in conjunction with a shower.

Infrared: While infrared is often called sauna, it is not an accurate description in the true sense of the word.  Since hot stones or water are not used, an infrared room does not meet the definition requirements.  Instead, an infrared room generates heat from the infrared portion of the light spectrum.  The whole point of an infrared room is that it delivers heat therapy without getting extremely hot.  Rather than the room getting hot from a central heater, the infrared rays penetrate the body and are delivered from several heaters located throughout the room.

March 17, 2012 •