Efficient Home Saunas

People tend to compare our products to spas or swimming pools because there is electric and heat involved, and as such we’re often asked how much a sauna is to operate.  The short answer is, “You’ll probably never notice it on your electric bill,” but the answer rightly deserves more explanation. Almost Heaven produces very efficient saunas.

While the typical sauna does use a 6kw heater, as does a spa, that is where the similarity ends.  For starters, the hot tub also has a pump, which increases the power draw.  In fact, your typical spa requires a 50amp power service while the typical sauna requires just 30amps. However, there is a more important reason.  A spa is always running or in a on/off running mode because it needs to maintain the temperature and filter the water.  Alternatively, a sauna is only operating when you’re in it, and even if that is every day, chances are you’re in it for just 20-40 minutes.  It is very efficient.  Once you’re finished you turn it off, just like you would your clothes dryer or electric oven, both of which are also 220v appliances.

An added bonus is that it does not require ongoing maintenance of chemicals, filtration and water levels.  It ALWAYS looks good, NEVER needs upkeep, and LASTS a lifetime.  So, whether you’re replacing your spa or adding a sauna to your backyard entertainment, an Almost Heaven model is ALWAYS a good value!

Plus, a sauna is a great addition to healthy living.  The high temperature that is attained causes your heart rate to accelerate and your metabolism to increase.  This aerobic effect speeds your calorie burn and causes you to lose weight in the process.  Some studies claim that twenty to thirty minutes in a sauna burns as many calories as sixty minutes of moderate exercise.  While actual weight loss will vary between different people, you will definitely help you burn more calories!

March 28, 2012 •