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Water on Rocks?

If you have been to a hotel or health club sauna, you likely saw a sign prohibiting you from sprinkling water on the rocks.  We often get questions from people on whether the heaters used with Almost Heaven Saunas are suitable for sprinkling water on the rocks.

The answer is “YES,” our sauna heaters are designed for water to be sprinkled on the rocks!  While most public sauna heaters are designed for use with water, they prohibit it because of potential abuse.  The idea is to sprinkle water on the rocks – not pour – as too much water can cause a burst of steam that could burn the user, especially if they are standing over the heater while doing it.  With so many different people in and out of the sauna, they restrict water use as a precaution.

Of course, true sauna users  know that you NEED to use water in order for the sauna to be consider a true sauna!  Almost Heaven Saunas utilize the highest quality heaters that are designed to create a true wet sauna experience.  Almost Heaven Saunas create the Authentic Sauna Experience!  Contact us today at 888.355.3050, or for more information!

March 1, 2012 •