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New Wood Protector

One of the most common questions we get is what is the best product to use to treat a cedar sauna when it is used outdoors.  Almost Heaven Saunas builds barrel sauna kits that are primarily used for outdoor installations.

As we have said many times, left untreated, our outdoor sauna kits will naturally weather to a silvery gray color, which will not hurt the wood or the performance of the sauna.  However, if you wish to keep the natural color of the Wester Canadian Red Cedar, then you should treat the sauna with a UV inhibited stain.  (Only treat the outside of the sauna!)

Almost Heaven Saunas is pleased to introduce our Woodmaster Stain, specially formulated for use on our barrel sauna and cedar sauna kits.  This product has a UV inhibitor and has a color that brings out the natural colors of the red cedar.  It is available for $59.95 per gallon plus shipping. Contact us at 888.355.3050 or to order your Woodmaster Stain!

April 27, 2012 •