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Easy Assembly

As you consider your Barrel Sauna purchase, does the idea of assembly cause you some heartburn?

After reviewing some competitive models, it is clear that methods of assembly vary, and this is largely due to the way the Cedar Sauna is manufactured. Some manufacturer’s are claiming six or eight hour assembly times, and this is due to the way in which the sauna is designed and then constructed at the factory.

Here is a fact: An Almost Heaven Sauna can be assembled by two people in under 3-4 hours, easily.  And, that applies to either our 4 or 6 person Barrel Saunas!  Why?  Because we built the ENTIRE front and back sections in advance at the factory.  The door is pre-installed, and the bench supports are already installed on the ends.  Plus, the benches themselves are PREBUILT, and our thick, plastic cradle supports come in one piece.  We also provide an easy to follow manual plus video for assembly instructions.

Anyone can install an Almost Heaven Sauna, and they can do it quickly.  The design of the sauna and the precision of the components makes assembly a breeze!  If you have any pre-order questions, then call us at 888.355.3050; we want you COMPLETELY comfortable in understanding what little is involved!  At Almost Heaven Saunas, our quality extends to the method of assembly as well as the selection of components and craftsmanship!

To good health…

Almost Heaven Saunas

May 13, 2012 •