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“Green” Red Cedar?!

Sort of!  The new molder we just purchased generates more “shavings” than dust, and with the purchase we included a new dust/shavings collection system.  Almost Heaven Saunas uses a LOT of red cedar in the building of our popular Barrel Saunas, and we try to utilize all of our materials responsibly.

What is great about the dust collector is that it bags the shavings (see the picture) and the area farmers help themselves to the shavings for use in the their horse stalls.  What about the plastic bags?  We REUSE them via a deposit system that is just being implemented.  Get the shavings free, pay a deposit on the bag, and get your deposit returned when you return the bag.  So, we truly utilize EVERY portion of the cedar boards we purchase in the use of our Cedar Saunas!

An Almost Heaven Sauna is a hand-crafted work of art that utilizes the best in material and workmanship!  We have been building quality Barrel Sauna and Cedar Sauna designs for nearly 40 years!  Plus, we are made in the USA! Contact Almost Heaven Saunas at 888.355.3050 for more information or to order your Barrel Sauna!

May 10, 2012 •