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Health Benefits per Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, there are a wide range of health benefits that are derived from sauna use.  Regular use of an Almost Heaven Sauna is a terrific way to improve your health, and our Barrel sauna and Cedar sauna designs provide many options to tailor a sauna to your particular requirements and tastes.


An excerpt from the Wikipedia information is as follows:

Sauna plus multidisciplinary treatment may reduce chronic pain more effectively than multidisciplinary treatment alone. Sauna reduces chronic pain more effectively than cognitive behaviour therapy. It is indicated for rheumatic pain (with cold shower) but not for neuropathic pain.[37] Is effective for appetite loss and mild depression.[38] Indicated in reducing symptoms in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,[25][39] and rheumatoid arthritis,[40] and indicated for anorexia nervosa.[41] Sauna improves function in conditions such as congestive heart failure[citation needed], and high blood pressure[citation needed], improves vasodilation, improves heart arrhythmia[citation needed], and reduces heart rate on exercise[citation needed]. Sauna has been proposed for treatment of other conditions such as glaucoma,[42] Sjogren syndrome,[43] chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia,[44] anorexia nervosa, obstructive lung disease,[45] recuperation after childbirth, and also for lifestyle related diseases of, diabetesarteriosclerosisobesityhypertensionhyperlipidemiaatherosclerosis and smoking induced symptoms.[46]

May 22, 2012 •