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Why are authentic Steam Saunas becoming so popular in the U.S.? A big reason is that using a steam sauna is so good for your health!

Regular use of a Cedar Sauna is good for you in a variety of ways.  Of course, most people are aware that you burn up to 300 calories in a single sauna session, but what are the other benefits?  The heat that is generated in a Barrel Sauna or Cedar Sauna contributes to detoxification of the body, which enhances the immune system.  Skin pores are cleansed and moistened, leading to healthier looking skin.  Also, sore joints and arthritis pain are relieved in the hot sauna environment.  Pouring water on the hot stones generate steam, and this provides relief to respiratory discomfort, especially with a few drops of eucalyptus in the water!

Saunas are a great lifestyle enhancement, and they are easy to maintain and cost little to operate!  An Almost Heaven Sauna combines the best of quality, performance and value in each of our sauna kit designs, and we encourage you to view our products and features. We manufacture our quality saunas in the USA and have been doing so for nearly 40 years!

May 14, 2012 •