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New Equipment Purchase

Almost Heaven Saunas has recently purchased a new 5-headed molder for the profiling the staves of our cedar saunas.  This new molder has 5 high-speed motors which allow us to run a single rough piece of lumber through the machine and surface and shape all 4 sides of the board to finished surfaces.

This machine replaces our nearly 30-year old machine and permits both faster through-put while maintaining our high standards of surfacing.  The look and feel of our famous Barrel Sauna, Modern Home Sauna and Silo Saunas will not change… we’ll just be able to fill our numerous order faster!

An Almost Heaven Sauna is a hand-crafted work of art which has been manufactured in the USA for nearly 40 years!  We build exceptional saunas using the highest quality Western Canadian Red Cedar and stainless steel components. Contact us at 888.355.3050, or sales@almostheaven.com to order your cedar sauna today!

May 5, 2012 •