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Sauna Wood-burning Heater Option

We are getting an increasing number of questions regarding the use of wood-burning heaters in our barrel saunas.  The most common question? “Can I get a wood-burning heater for an Almost Heaven Sauna?”  The answer is, yes!  A wood-burning heater option is available for all of our Barrel Sauna and Cedar Sauna designs.

When putting a wood-burning heater in an Almost Heaven Sauna, there are certain considerations. Because a wood stove is larger than an electric heater, space is an issue.  Therefore we do no not recommend a wood-burning heater in any model smaller than a 6×6 Barrel Sauna.  There are also some added installation requirements that come into play

Most of our cooperage sauna and cedar sauna designs are able to accommodate a wood-burning sauna stove, and if that is your desire, then we encourage you to call us at 888.355.3050 so that we can discuss your specific application requirements!

May 9, 2012 •