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Outdoor Sauna

While we promote our Barrel Saunas as suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, the truth is that the most Barrel Saunas are installed outdoors.  There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the circular design which allows the rain to flow nicely off the sauna room.  Additionally, the red cedar is naturally resistent to the elements, and the aesthetic appeal of all our Barrel Saunas provide enhance any backyard landscape.

Almost Heaven Saunas function very well outdoors as well.  As we have said in previously blogs, the circular design of the barrel provides even distribution of heat as reduces energy costs because there are less cubic feet of air to heat in a circle than in a square.  Plus, thick red cedar is a natural insulator that makes outdoor installations – even in the coldest of climates – the ideal setting for Almost Heaven Saunas!

Red Cedar is the preferred lumber for saunas for several reasons.  First, it is one of the few woods naturally resistant to rot, decay and mildew, and as such can readily be used for indoor or outdoor construction.  Also, because it is a very soft wood, Red Cedar allows your body to be in comfortable contact with the wood even though the air in the sauna room is very hot. Unlike some cedar wood, Western Canadian Red Cedar carries no harmful toxins or respiratory discomfort.  Finally, nothing compares to the sweet, fresh scent of Western Canadian Red Cedar.  And, of course, no other wood has the aroma of Western Canadian Red Cedar, the wood of choice for sauna enthusiasts!

The great thing about Western Canadian Red Cedar is that you don’t need to treat it.  Left natural, the wood will turn a silver color over time due to the effects of sun and rain with no detrimental effect on the wood itself.  If you wish to retain the rich, natural color, you should treat the exterior of the sauna with a UV inhibited stain that will resist the weathering effects of sunlight and rain.  Your local paint professional can assist with a suitable product.  Note: never treat the interior of the sauna room.

In short, an Almost Heaven Sauna functions to peak performance either indoors our outdoors, making our Barrel Saunas the perfect addition to your home!  Start enjoying the wonderful health benefits of sauna in the comfort of your own backyard in an outdoor sauna by Almost Heaven Saunas!  For more information, contact 888.355.3050, or


June 25, 2012 •