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“Lest We Forget”

D-Day Invasion Re-enactment

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a re-enactment of the storming of D-Day.  The event was held in St. Joseph, Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan.  There were thousands of people, hundreds of re-enactors, and dozens of vintage planes, water transports and vehicles participating in the event.

The event was extremely well done.  The participants are required to research their respective roles to the most minute detail, including the types uniforms and equipment details.  They bivouac in authentic camps with period equipment which the visitors are encouraged to inspect and explore. During the event  an announcer walks the crowd through the sequence of events that are being played out on the beach and in the air.

I have been to Civil War re-enactments, battlefields and now a WWII re-enactment, and every time I come away with renewed pride, not only for the country I live in and the sacrifices that were made, but the goodness of mankind.  There is evil all around us and it manifests itself in, among many other things, wars, genocides and injustices to mankind.  But, there is also much goodness that fights back, and an event such as this re-enactment are reminders of the good that was done to combat the evil.

Cockpit of B17 Bomber

The world would have been much different and, I suspect, worse off, had the allies not beaten back the evil that began WWII.  The allies consisted of men and woman in all capacities who had a desire to see the good prevail, and were willing to put their lives on the line in defense of it.

Almost Heaven Saunas is proud of our heritage and honored to be a recipient of the blessings those sacrifices provided.  Thank you to our veterans, both living and lost, for standing for the right.

Rick Mouw


July 1, 2012 •