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New Barrel Sauna Feature!

In our never-ending quest to enhance the features and value of our products, Almost Heaven Saunas is pleased to announce a new feature that can be ordered on new Barrel Saunas and is able to retrofit on existing Barrel Sauna models.

Our new Adjustable Bench Kit is a very simple kit that allows you to raise the height of the bench by 3″ or more.  You can order a kit for just one bench or both, and installation can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  We have attached a couple of pictures for you to review, and as you can see, the kit involves nothing more than a couple of pre-cut wall supports, a center support and the necessary hardware.

Almost Heaven Saunas builds a variety of outdoor sauna models, and our cedar sauna designs are popular all over the world.  The health benefits of sauna use are well known, and the design of our barrel sauna produces an exceptional sauna experience due to the curved nature of the sauna room.

The Barrel Sauna was developed over thirty years ago, and was the first of the Almost Heaven Sauna line.  The pleasing shape is both stylish and functional, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet.  The less cubic feet of air in the sauna, the faster your sauna will heat.  In addition, the Barrel maximizes seating space by utilizing opposing benches that run the full length of the sauna room.  The sauna is mounted on two molded polymer cradles, which are impervious to breakdown by the elements, allowing you to place your Barrel Sauna right on the ground if you choose.  There are also mounting holes molded into the cradles allowing you to anchor the sauna to a deck or patio if you prefer a secure installation. The craftsmanship of the Barrel Sauna is exquisite and incorporates traditional cooperage, or barrel-making construction, in its design.   When choosing a quality barrel sauna, only the Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna is the genuine article!

The adjustable bench kit is $45 per bench and is in stock.  Call us at 888.355.3050 for more information or to order your own Barrel Sauna!


July 12, 2012 •