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Outdoor Sauna Delight

Another beautiful picture of Outdoor Sauna installation has been submitted, courtesy of a satisfied Almost Heaven Sauna customer!  This particular Outdoor Sauna is our 6×5 Barrel Sauna model and it is placed under an outdoor canopy porch.

The second picture shows the large setting, and this entire backyard retreat overlooks a lake! Once again, an outstanding setting and a terrific use of an Almost Heaven Sauna!

All of our Saunas are designed for indoor or outdoor use, and the Barrel Sauna in particular tends to be installed outdoors most of the time.  This is because our Cedar Saunas are built of 100% Western Canadian Red Cedar, the wood of choice for traditional steam saunas.  Our saunas are all hand-crafted at our factory in West Virginia, and we have been manufacturing our fine Outdoor Saunas for nearly 40 years.

In addition to high-grade red cedar, there are many other attributes of our Quality saunas, and these include molded plastic support cradles that provide a barrier between the wood and the ground; tempered and tinted glass doors; self-closing stainless steel hinges; stainless steel banding and brackets; and pre-built components for easy on-site assembly.

We also offer our proprietary Elite heater, which is 100% stainless steel and has a built-in steam vaporizer for the use of eucalyptus or other sauna scents.

Regular use of a sauna is a terrific addition to healthy living.  health benefits include aerobic conditioning, weight loss, improved skin tone, toxin release, relief from sore joint pain and arthritis, and more.  The hot environment and steam that is generated from water being poured on the hot rocks is a wonderful experience that will become a regular part of your lifestyle!

Almost Heaven Saunas offers a lifetime warranty on its sauna room construction.  Almost Heaven Saunas are the best-built, best-backed saunas in the world!  Contact 888.355.3050 for more information!

July 1, 2012 •