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Quality Outdoor Saunas

As with all consumer products, there are quality built saunas and there are saunas that leave much to be desired.  But how can you tell which saunas are good and which ones are not?  How do you know that the advertised outdoor sauna is actually suitable for outdoor use?  And, how do you know that the company that built your sauna will be here to back it up in the years ahead?

While we believe that an Almost Heaven Sauna is the best sauna available, you should know that are several quality saunas in the marketplace.  However, there are many poorly constructed models as well, so you need to do your research.  What sets Almost Heaven Saunas apart is the quality of materials, the superior design, and the exceptional craftsmanship.

From the high-grade Western Canadian Red Cedar to the stainless steel hardware, our Barrel Sauna designs utilize only the best material available.  Additionally, our cooperage designs insure that your sauna is structurally sound, will assemble accurately and easily, and will withstand anything nature can throw at it.  Finally, American Craftsman builds our saunas, and that is rather rare in the sauna world.  We have been doing it since the 1970’s, and we do it with a pride that is evident in every sauna we build

Our outdoor saunas are designed for outdoor use, and that is where over 90% of them are placed.  Again, it is our use of naturally weather-resistant red cedar and our insistence on stainless hardware that makes our cedar sauna designs ideal for outdoor use.  Additionally, the barrel design sheds the water so that it does not accumulate on the sauna room.

Finally, only Almost Heaven Saunas can claim these quality construction attributes, back them with a lifetime warranty, and have the longevity and experience to insure we will be here for you in the long term. Your Almost Heaven Steam Sauna will provide exceptional performance because we know how to build saunas!

Can we build one for you? Call us at 888.355.3050 or email to and let us explain in more detail the advantages of the worlds best built and best backed sauna!

July 24, 2012 •