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Steam Sauna = Weight Loss

Almost Heaven Saunas are known world-wide for high quality steam Barrel Saunas.  It is also well-known that Steam Saunas provide exceptional health benefits when used regularly.  These health benefits include detoxification, skin toning, improved circulation, arthritic relief, respiratory improvement, and more.  But, did you also know that regular sauna use helps you lose weight?!  That’s right, just sitting there sweating out the toxins will also help you lose weight!

According to both the Finnish Sauna Society, the North American Sauna Society, and numerous online reports from reputable medical experts, proper use of a sauna can burn up to 300 calories per session!  While some of the weight loss experienced is the result of perspiration, much of it is due to caloric burn that is caused by the high temperature in a steam sauna.

Unlike an infrared room or low temperature sauna, a genuine steam sauna gets hot – up to 200 degrees fahrenheit – and the hot temperature causes your heart rate to accelerate.  The increased heart rate is what increases metabolism, leading to all of the health benefits including weight loss.

Many of the effects of sauna use are the same as with heavy exercise, where the increased heart rate causes increased blood flow, expanded capillaries, and calorie burn.  Of course, the heat of the sauna provides the added benefit of muscle ache relief, respiratory enhancement, and relaxation.  While a sauna will not provide the same workout benefits of an equal amount of time at the gym, it will offer many of the same effects plus the added benefits of heat.  Often a sauna is used in conjunction with a workout, allowing the muscles to relax following an intense workout, or losen in advance of exercise.

Almost Heaven Saunas manufactures the world’s finest outdoor saunas, and our sauna room designs enhance the sauna experience by allowing for faster heat-up time and exceptional air circulation. Additionally, we offer our exclusive Elite heater with steam vaporizer, and our saunas are backed by a lifetime warranty.  Call 888.355.3050 today for more information, or to learn how to get your best value on a brand new Almost Heaven Sauna!

July 31, 2012 •