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Almost Heaven Sauna

Do you remember the John Denver song, “Country Roads,”?  “Almost Heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains…”  If you’re over 40, of course you do!

You then know where the name “Almost Heaven Sauna” came from!  We were founded shortly after the song came out and adopted the name to our high quality Barrel Saunas.

If you do an internet search of Almost Heaven Sauna, you get many sites that pop up.  In today’s world of technology and copy-cat names, that is not unusual.  However, it is important to know that there is only one Almost Heaven Sauna, and we are found at www.almostheaven.staging.wpengine.com!

Only when connecting to our official website are you guaranteed to communicate with the original Almost Heaven Sauna company!  Call or email today to learn more about our authentic quality Barrel Saunas, Cedar Saunas and Outdoor Saunas… at Almost Heaven Saunas they are all one and the same!

Almost Heaven Saunas: 888.355.3050.

August 21, 2012 •