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Barrel Sauna | Outdoor Sauna Installation

We always like to post pictures of new sauna installations!  We do so from a sense of pride, of course, as we have many satisfied customers.  However, we also do so to assist prospective buyers in getting ideas on how a Barrel Sauna might look in their own backyard.  Because our Cedar Saunas are designed to be used as Outdoor Saunas, there is no limit to the number of applications that can be utilized for an installation.

This particular Barrel Sauna installation comes to us from a customer in Vancouver, WA.  This is a 4-person Barrel Sauna that was purchased from Costco, and this customer placed his sauna under a roof that provides further shelter.  As you can see, the user can enter the sauna while avoiding the elements, which is especially nice on a day when it's pouring rain!

Also notice how he compensated for the slope of the patio by placing tapered shims beneath the support cradles to level out the sauna.  An Almost Heaven Sauna can be placed on any surface as long as it is firm and level, which has been accomplished in this setting.

Almost Heaven Saunas are known world-wide for the quality and hand-crafted workmanship.  Our Steam Saunas are very efficient as well, and provide an inexpensive component to your health routine.  You will experience heart conditioning, weight loss,   skin toning, improved circulation and more by using your sauna on a regular basis!

Following is some information about Almost Heaven Saunas and saunas in general:

> A sauna is a room constructed of softwood with a single heater, either electric or wood burning, that is capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 190° Fahrenheit.  The high temperatures produce a very dry environment with extremely low humidity.  You can tolerate the heat because of the low humidity, and since the soft lumber does not absorb significant heat, you can sit in comfort.

> When you enter the hot sauna, and before any water is sprinkled on the rocks, it is considered a dry sauna due to the dry heat and absence of humidity.  The minute you generate steam by sprinkling water on the rocks, it is considered a wet sauna.  Essentially it is a wet/dry sauna room, and the wet or dry terminology relates to the level of humidity in the room. 

> An authentic sauna is designed to get hot, and the health benefits are generated due to the hot temperature in the sauna.  As your body heats, your heart rate accelerates, leading to all the benefits of aerobic activity.  Some of the many benefits include weight loss due to increased calorie burn, improved circulation, pain relief for sore muscles and joints, respiratory enhancement due to the moist steam, and detoxification due to intense perspiration.  Additionally, it is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience that helps many people reduce stress and sleep better.

Contact Almost Heaven Saunas for more information on our high quality Barrel Saunas  or to place your order!  888.355.3050, or sales@almostheaven.com

August 28, 2012 •