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Custom Barrel Saunas!

As you may know, Almost Heaven Saunas is the world leader in high-quality, hand-crafted Barrel Saunas.  Our Cedar Sauna designs are precise in design and exceptional in performance.  An Outdoor Sauna by Almost Heaven Saunas will be a perfect investment in health and home, and we offer a full range of standard sizes and designs.

Custom Barrel Sauna in France

However, on occasion a customer has need for a special steam sauna that has size requirements different than a standard Almost Heaven Sauna.  Is that you?  No problem! Over our 30+ year history we have built thousands of outdoor saunas, and many of them are custom built for a specific need.

Here you see a custom-built sauna for a customer in France; 12' long with an interior changing room according to the customer's specifications.  European saunas require special heaters due to the difference in the electrical system, but even for our US saunas we can offer any number of different heater designs.

An outdoor sauna from Almost Heaven is the perfect addition to your home or backyard.  It will provide health benefits and enhance your lifestyle more than you can imagine.  Weight loss, respiratory enhancement, improved blood floor, arthritic relief and improved skin tone are just some of the benefits a steam sauna provides.

An Almost Heaven Sauna is manufactured of high-grade Western Canadian Red Cedar, incorporates stainless steel accents, has molded synthetic support cradles for a moisture barrier, and is built by experienced professionals.  No other sauna manufacture pays such attention to the quality and detail of their saunas!

Contact Almost Heaven  Saunas if you have a need for a Barrel Sauna that is different than our standard models.  We would be happy to build a steam special sauna for you!  We can be reached at 888.355.3050, or sales@almostheaven.com!

August 26, 2012 •