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Outdoor Sauna | Barrel Sauna

Well, this particular Barrel Sauna installation may top them all, no pun intended.  This Outdoor Sauna installation is at an absolutely beautiful Lake Tahoe home.  The sauna/hot tub combination on the lower level of this multi-story deluxe home makes this a relaxation oasis!

The red cedar lumber is ideal for outdoor sauna installations, and the beautiful grain of the high-grade staves looks good whether left natural or stained with the color of your choice.

Red Cedar is the preferred lumber for saunas for several reasons.  First, it is one of the few woods naturally resistant to rot, decay and mildew, and as such can readily be used for indoor or outdoor construction.  Also, because it is a very soft wood, Red Cedar allows your body to be in comfortable contact with the wood even though the air in the sauna room is very hot. Unlike some cedar wood, Western Canadian Red Cedar carries no harmful toxins or respiratory discomfort.  Finally, nothing compares to the sweet, fresh scent of Western Canadian Red Cedar.  And, of course, no other wood has the aroma of Western Canadian Red Cedar, the wood of choice for sauna enthusiasts!

An authentic sauna is designed to get hot, and the health benefits are generated due to the hot temperature in the sauna.  As your body heats, your heart rate accelerates, leading to all the benefits of aerobic activity.  Some of the many benefits include weight loss due to increased calorie burn, improved circulation, pain relief for sore muscles and joints, respiratory enhancement due to the moist steam, and detoxification due to intense perspiration.  Additionally, it is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience that helps many people reduce stress and sleep better.

Almost Heaven Saunas builds the highest quality steam saunas in the world.  Our barrel sauna designs are exceptional and are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.  With a lifetime manufacturers warranty, you can be assured that you will enjoy your Almost Heaven Sauna for a lifetime!  Call 888.355.3050 for more information!

August 13, 2012 •