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Steam Sauna

There is much confusion in the marketplace regarding the difference between steam sauna, wet sauna, infrared sauna, etc.  The confusion is caused by improper use of terminology, and this is largely caused by imported “saunas” that are actually infrared cabins.

Let me start by saying this indisputable fact:

INFRARED IS NOT SAUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A true sauna involves high temperature, hot rocks, water and steam; just look up the definition!  Infrared is the opposite of this in every respect. Infrared is LOW temperature; has no rocks or rock heater; can not use water or generate steam (or go outdoors in most cases).

This is an important distinction, since all of the health benefits claimed by infrared marketers are derived from HEAT, and an infrared does not get nearly as hot as a steam sauna. Therefore, the claimed health benefits of infrared are truly only realized in an authentic steam sauna!

That is not to say that infrared is bad.  There are suitable applications for the product.  But, THEY ARE NOT SAUNAS!  So, if you are in the market for heat, heat therapy, hot rocks and steam, then you want a genuine steam sauna, like the ones manufactured in the USA by Almost Heaven Saunas!  Our Barrel Sauna designs are true cedar saunas that can reach up to 200F in temperature.  Our outdoor saunas can literally be installed anywhere, and the high quality, sold wood construction is guaranteed for life.

So, do your homework, determine what type of product you want, and then contact Almost Heaven Saunas for the best quality steam saunas in the world!  Almost Heaven Saunas has been building exceptional steam saunas in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia for nearly 40 years.  We are known world-wide for exceptional, high quality Cedar saunas and Barrel Saunas.  Call 888.355.3050, or email sales@almostheaven.com for more details.

August 18, 2012 •