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Outdoor Sauna Accent

Do you have a swimming pool or hot tub?  How about a beautiful landscape looking for an accent?  May we recommend an Outdoor Sauna by Almost Heaven Saunas, the world leader in Barrel Sauna manufacturing?

Anyone with a yard (or “garden” for our European friend!) takes pride in using their outdoor setting for entertainment, for either family or friends.  May we suggest a slight makeover with an Almost Heaven Sauna?  Our Outdoor Sauna designs will beautify any backyard and do so in an aesthetic AND functional way!

Almost Heaven Saunas are designed to be outdoor saunas are are exceptional in quality in every respect.  Saunas need to be constructed of soft wood, and the lumber of choice is Western Canadian Red Cedar.  Red Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and as such is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications.  In addition, unlike pine, Red Cedar does not secrete sap and will not warp.  Our lumber is harvested from select trees grown in sustainable forests, and each board is hand-profiled into beautiful staves that are the essence of the Almost Heaven Sauna room.  Furthermore, each of the components in an Almost Heaven Sauna contributes to the quality of the product.  All of the hardware, from the self-closing door hinges to the steel bands, is of high-grade stainless steel.  Finally, the glass door is both tinted and tempered for your comfort and safety.  From the largest piece of lumber to the smallest fastener, every component of an Almost Heaven Sauna meets exacting quality specifications.

The hand-crafted quality of the Almost Heaven Sauna is evident upon close inspection of the construction technique.  Almost Heaven Saunas are built in the traditional “cooperage” design, meaning that they are constructed in the same manner as a genuine wine vat or water-tight barrel. The stave has a croze cut on each end that allows the applicable floor, ceiling or wall section to fit tightly within the precisely cut notch.  The perimeter is then drawn together tightly with stainless steel bands, forming a tight and secure seal that tightens further as the wood swells over time.  It is a time-tested and proven construction method that can only be achieved using precise equipment and with meticulous attention to detail.

Plus, the health benefits of saunas are well known, so your attractive backyard accent can help you stay healthy and fit as well!  Almost Heaven Saunas have been built in the USA for nearly 40 years.  Call us to today for more information on our quality outdoor sauna designs!  888.355.3050, or sales@almostheaven.com!

September 6, 2012 •