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Almost Heaven Saunas Wishes You a Happy New Year!

Almost Heaven Saunas wishes you a Happy New Year! Like most people, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, I make my New Year’s Resolution. My New Year’s resolution usually has something to do with my physical well-being and with a little research I found that I am not alone. The most common resolutions have something to do with improving ones physical and or mental well-being. I would also like to believe that I am not alone when I say that over the years I have struggled to make my resolution a reality.

As I started to read thru all of the health benefits that a steam sauna can offer, I was amazed. I believe that anyone with a New Year’s Resolution for improved physical and or mental well-being should consider the addition of a home sauna to their lifestyle.

Here are the top 5 health benefits that an Almost Heaven Sauna can offer you. Even one of these benefits might be able to help you make your New Year’s Resolution a reality!

1.     Relieve Stress – Most people report stress reduction after using a sauna as well as feeling more relaxed and refreshed.  A steam sauna is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience that helps many people feel renewed and sleep better. Whether you experience some or all of the benefits of wet sauna use, you will experience a lifestyle enhancement that will help you feel more stress free and relaxed!

2.     Good for Your Health! – An authentic steam sauna is designed to get hot, and the health benefits that are generated due to the hot temperature achieved in the room, are many.

  • Toxin Release – Your body sweats to cool itself and to release harmful toxins through perspiration.  The heat triggers this healthy release of toxins by causing your body to sweat significantly and flush impurities through your expanded pores.
  • Improved Circulation – As the body temperature increases, the blood vessels expand, allowing blood to flow more freely through the body.  The increased blood flow improves overall circulation in your body and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.  Regular use causes some people to have that “just tanned” look throughout the year.
  • Enhanced Immune System – As you sit in the hot roomyour body temperature elevates, simulating an artificial fever that increases white blood cell production. Many users report reduced incidents of colds and flu as a result of an immune system that is stronger due to sauna use

3.     Weight loss – The addition of regular sauna useis a great compliment to any weight-loss program. The high temperature that is attained in a steam sauna causes your heart rate to accelerate and your metabolism to increase.  This aerobic effect speeds your calorie burn and causes you to lose weight in the process.  Some studies claim that a twenty to thirty minutes session burns as many calories as sixty minutes of moderate exercise.  While actual weight loss will vary between different people, sauna use will definitely help you burn more calories. According to The North American Sauna Society, you can burn up to 300 calories in a single session. Weight loss is due both to calorie burn from an elevated heart rate and water loss due to sweating.

4.     Skin Tone – In addition to bringing color to your skin, regular wet sauna use can help clear complexion and soften the skin.  The improved circulation and extensive perspiration leaves the skin soft and moist, leaving a more youthful appearance.

5.     Saunas Just Plain Feel Good! – A sauna experience has been described as pampering retreat. The best way to combat the stressful world that we all live in today, is to spend time in a peaceful , clam and relaxing place. An Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna can be a door way to a new you. The sauna experience will make you feel better, look better and ultimately be just plain better!

January 13, 2013 •